Not all real estate is created equal and at the top of the list is property by the ocean. Human beings are simply drawn to live near the water be it for the gorgeous view, the temperate climate, the soothing sound of waves crashing on the beach, the abundant wildlife, watersports or just the smell of the breeze. Perhaps it's a little bit of all of the above.

The Best Beachfront Properties On The East Coast
MaineThe United State has thousands of miles of beach properties. On the east coast, Maine is a summer get-away for many people looking for cool temperatures and the world's best lobster even if the state's season is somewhat short. Martha's Vineyard is a classic beach get-away for people from Boston and beyond. Long Island's Hamptons are about as toney as it gets in terms of east coast real estate. East Hampton's beach front homes might only get used for three or four months of the year but they can command $20,000,000, $30,000,000 or more. For New York's power-players – they pay this much for a Park Avenue Apartment or a home in HamptonsThe Bird Streets in West Hollywood. The Jersey Shore is far more than an MTV reality show when it comes to high end real estate. Long Beach Island is like a Mini-Hamptons. Ocean City, Avalon and Cape May all represent fantastic, high end waterfront resorts. Atlantic City is only a short drive away for gambling, dining and entertainment. Moving down the coast a sleeper beach front spot is Delaware's Rehobath Beach. A short ferry ride from New Jersey, this has become a chic get-away for people in Philadelphia and Wilmington as well. Maryland's Assatuage Beach is where the horses run free (really, they do) but doesn't have a ton of beach front property. Sea Island Georgia brings in one of the best locations in the South East. Golf is over-the-top good at this Georgia resort town and that's saying a lot for a state that boast courses like Peachtree, East Lake and one that hosts a major every year in Augusta. Florida might have some of the best beach front properties ranging from places like West Palm Beach to Meyers Island to Tampa Bay. South Beach is one of the top players in a national look at the best beach front properties. The night lights, the towering skyscrapers, the fine dining, LaBron James, Madonna, The House of Versace and so much more.

The Best Beachfront Properties On The West Coast
Long BeachThere isn't as much beach front property on the west coast however there are a lot of big competitors in for this list. Seattle isn't thought of as a beach city because of its dreary weather however there are countless islands in off the coast of Washington that are host to some of the most over-the-top, tech savvy homes. Executives from Boeing, Amazon.com, Microsoft and Starbucks spend their billions well in Seattle.

Oregon shares some of the same windy and cold weather as Washington but their golf resort Bandon Dunes, built by Mike Kaiser, is bringing in tourists to southern-coastal Washington and many of them are staying for Sea Islandthe FOUR (count them – four… Top 100 golf courses) and relatively low cost beach front living.

California is where the West Coast makes its move in this competition. The weather in the Golden State is one of the main reasons why people move to the state in droves. Monterey and Carmel represent about as stunningly beautiful a location for a beachfront home as you can find be it on the 18th hole of Pebble Beach, on Cypress Point, near Spyglass Hill, adjacent to Monterey Peninsula Country Club or closer to downtown Carmel. Carmel Valley have some of the largest estate properties Seatlle Beachin California but they are a 10 to 20 minute drive to the beaches of Monetary. Santa Barbara might have the best weather in America (San Diego might have something to say about this however). Packed with Spanish architecture and cool ocean breezes – the place to buy your beachfront home in Santa Barbara is in Montecito. Just ask Oprah, it might be the single most high end neighborhood in America. Moving down the coast an hour or so – Malibu is one of the top places to buy beach front homes. Malibu Road, Malibu Cove Colony, Serra Retreat, Winding Way and Carbon Beach only start to touch on the 27 miles of beachfront million dollar homes. (Considered leasing? Try a beach-front Malibu Lease) Los Angeles has no shortage of beach front neighborhoods ranging from the very swanky Pacific Palisades, Manhattan Beach, Santa Monica, Rancho Palos Verdes – all offer million dollar plus beach homes and proximity to the Pebble Beachnations second largest city. Orange Country isn't just home to bleach blonde housewives – they've got some of the best beach front properties in the nation. Newport Beach has $10,000,000 homes packed one next to the other. Corona Del Mar, Dana Point, Huntington Beach are all top contenders. The artsy Laguna Beach is has the summer energy of The Hamptons (and the same traffic problems in some ways) especially during the Pageant of the Masters art show. San Diego wraps up the list and they have no shortage of stunningly gorgeous beach front homes from Carlsbad to Del Mar to La Jollia. Slightly inland from La Jolla is Rancho Sante Fe which gives Montecito a run for its money for the most swanky beach neighborhood on the west coast. Bill Gates, T. Boone Pickens and golfer Phil Mickelson call this neighborhood home.

The Definitive List of The Best Beachfront Neighborhoods in The United States

Malibu Beach1 Malibu, CA
2 East Hampton, NY
3 Pebble Beach, CA
4 Montecito, CA
5 South Beach (Miami), FL
6 West Palm Beach, FL
7 Newport Beach, CA
8 Laguna Beach, CA
9 Sea Island, GA
10 Martha's Vineyard, MA
11 Assatuage Beach, MD
12 Del Mar - La Jolia CA
13 Pacific Palisades, CA
Laguna Beach14 Huntington Beach, CA
15 Kennebunkport, ME
16 Tampa, FL
17 Key West, FL
18 Avalon, NJ
19 Ocean City, NJ
20 Santa Monica, CA
21 Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
22 Long Beach Island, NJ
23 Rehobath Beach, DE
24 Seattle, WA
25 Bandon, OR